The useful checklist to have a complete set of logos

My personal checklist to have a complete set of logos. Choose a format for your logo and decline it in different variations. You should have at least 18 logos ready for any occasion.


A logo is usually one of the 3 following formats:

  1. Brand name in letters (Wordmark).
  2. Brand name in letters (Wordmark) + Symbol.
  3. Brand name in letters (Wordmark) + Design.

While you can decline your logo in several formats, I recommend to choose one formatand one format only. The most convenient format is the wordmark alone, as it is the easiest to insert in documents and supports of all kinds.


Once you have a format for your logo, you should decline it in different variations. Here are the 3 different types of variations to consider: shpes, shades and extensions.

If you apply all of these variations, the ideal set of logos should consist of 18 logos per logo format.

1. The 2 shapes

Have a logo in squared shape (ex: 5000px by 5000px), and in rectangular shape (ex: 5000px by 3090px). For the rectangular shape, I recommend using golden rectangles. Their proportions are supposed to be aesthetically pleasing.

2. The 3 shades

Have a logo in black, in white and in color.

3. The 3 extensions

Have a logo in its original vector extension (.eps, .ai, .svg, .psd, .sketch), in its transparent final extension (.png) and in its non-transparent final extension (.jpg).


With logos, there is only one rule: the bigger, the better. I recommend the following dimensions:

  • square: 5000px by 5000px for the squared shape.
  • rectangle: 5000px by 3090px for the rectangular shape.

These dimensions are perfect if you want to use your logo on large formats such as billboards.

More resources

When it comes to tips and advice about logos, I recommend these very good articles from designer Lauren Hooker:

Author: Dimitri Alamkan
Initial publication date: 2018-12-28
Last updated: 2020-04-21