Hi, I’m Dimitri Alamkan

Dimitri Alamkan

Dimitri Alamkan

I'm an orgamizer

  • I'm a marketer and aspiring software engineer (This what I do). Right now, I'm learning software engineering at Launch School.

  • But above all, I'm an orgamizer (This is what I am). I like organizing data and optimizing processes. This makes a lot of sence since my MBTI profile is ISTJ.

  • My favorite words are: systems, processes, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), checklists, recipes, frameworks, protocols, curriculum, courses, algorithms, structure.

  • I hate bullshit and I can't stand bullshitters.

Orgamizing everyday

  • Apart from coding, I have 2 projects thet let me intensively pratice my orgamizing skills: MarieTony, an ecommerce store that I manage entirely on my own, and SoMuZay, an experimental music video database.