The useful checklist to have a complete set of logos


  • A logo is usually one of the 3 following formats:
    1. Brand name in letters (Wordmark).
    2. Brand name in letters (Wordmark) + Symbol.
    3. Brand name in letters (Wordmark) + Design.

  • While you can decline your logo in several formats, I recommend to choose one formatand one format only. The most convenient format is the wordmark alone, as it is the easiest to insert in documents and supports of all kinds.


  • Once you have a format for your logo, you should decline it in different variations. Here are the 3 different types of variations to consider: shpes, shades and extensions.

  • If you apply all of these variations, the ideal set of logos should consist of 18 logos per logo format.

1. The 2 shapes

  • Have a logo in squared shape (ex: 5000px by 5000px), and in rectangular shape (ex: 5000px by 3090px). For the rectangular shape, I recommend using golden rectangles. Their proportions are supposed to be aesthetically pleasing.

2. The 3 shades

  • Have a logo in black, in white and in color.

3. The 3 extensions

  • Have a logo in its original vector extension (.eps, .ai, .svg, .psd, .sketch), in its transparent final extension (.png) and in its non-transparent final extension (.jpg).


  • With logos, there is only one rule: the bigger, the better. I recommend the following dimensions:
    • square: 5000px by 5000px for the squared shape.
    • rectangle: 5000px by 3090px for the rectangular shape.

  • These dimensions are perfect if you want to use your logo on large formats such as billboards.

More resources

When it comes to tips and advice about logos, I recommend these very good articles from designer Lauren Hooker:

Initial publication date: 2018-12-28
Last updated: 2019-07-03

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